December 21, 2022 – M6 Global Defense, a company specializing in emergency management, security, and medical services, is proud to announce a partnership with Global Communication Services (GCS) to expand its offerings in the emergency communications space. M6 Global Defense is made up of a team of professionals with expertise in various fields, including security, law enforcement, mental health, medical care, education, and emergency management. With over 200 years of experience working with local, state, federal, and military agencies in the United States and beyond, M6 Global Defense values hands-on experience over academia.


“Our value is in the experience we bring rather than just academia.  That is what truly separates us from the pack.” said Michael A. Matranga, Founder and CEO of M6 Global and a former United States Secret Service Agent, Presidential Counter Assault Operator, and FBI Joint Terrorism Agent. Matranga has a notable background in security, having served as the Lead Security Agent on the Infamous Bundy Trial in Las Vegas and as a Search & Recovery Mission Agent for the Mandalay Bay/Route 91 Harvest Festival Mass Shooting. He also has experience as the Former Executive Director of Security for the Texas City Independent School District, which was ranked #1 in Texas in 2019 and #5 in the Nation.



Global Communication Services (GCS) is owned and operated by Brian Martin, a certified Motorola MR engineer and licensed private investigator with extensive experience serving state, local, federal, and enterprise customers. GCS specializes in radio communication consulting, radio-based penetration testing, emergency responder radio communication systems, and technical surveillance and countermeasures. Martin has a reputation for providing top-notch service to his clients, making GCS a highly respected company in the industry.


Through this partnership, M6 Global Defense will be able to offer a range of additional services to its clients, including in-building communication assessments to increase safety and compliance with fire codes, technical surveillance and countermeasures consulting for enterprise and executive protection customers, and RF-based HIPAA and CJIS compliance assessments. These services will be provided in addition to M6 Global Defense’s existing offerings, which include RF consulting and technical surveillance and countermeasures.


M6 Global Defense and GCS are positioning themselves to become leaders in the emergency communications industry, offering unparalleled service to clients around the world. Both companies have a strong commitment to excellence and are dedicated to helping their clients stay safe and secure in a variety of different situations. The combination of M6 Global Defense’s extensive practical experience and GCS’s specialized expertise in radio communication and technical surveillance makes this partnership a force to be reckoned with in the emergency communications industry.


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